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It must be admitted that there is no one perfect Document Management Archives sequence for series. Considerable variation is possible in any large record group, and no two archivists, no matter how experienced, would make the same decisions. But there are better arrangements and poorer arrangements, and the poorer one must be wrestled with until it is acceptable. It is arrangement at the three levels within the record group that represents the time-consuming work. Record groups in the National Archives average nearly 3,000 cubic feet each (the contents of nearly drawer file cabinets). Some record groups are so large and complicated that they contain thousands of series in many subgroups.

  • Current archives in paper format are kept in the office or nearby so that they are close at hand.
  • The assignment of the lower or higher grade worker is determined by the complexity of the job.
  • MyCloud is a Web interface that allows you to share large files with persons who do not have access to collaborative workspaces or to a Council of Europe document or records management system.
  • It should also bear a number to show the place of the box in the record group or subgroup or at least in the series sequence.
  • Although younger archivists with some experience can identify series in complicated record groups as well as they can in simpler ones, it is necessary usually for a more experienced archivist to take over and work out a rational arrangement.
  • A business produces several documents in its day-to-day operations because most business transactions are documented to keep track of activities across the organization and maintain transparency.

Government organization itself normally follows subject areas to a considerable degree. Subject areas can hardly be a controlling guide but they may be an auxiliary consideration. Because of all these considerations, this first division of the records is usually made at the highest level of administration and embodied in issuances approved by the head of the agency. Personnel of lower grade usually have no part in the decisions and no responsibility for them. Small archival depositories may not feel the need of dividing their holdings at this level; but over the years, as transfers continue from an increasing number of agencies and offices, the need to consider such a division will almost certainly arise. Thus artificial finding aids that the archival establishment must create are reduced to a minimum.

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The solution will allow you to apply a unified policy of records management to both physical and digital records. It is a solution that helps companies streamline the entire process of records management by automating the entire record lifecycle. The product claims to have all the required functionalities to help its users go digital effortlessly. These checklists are sometimes, for very long and important series, offered as separate documents, but more often they are presented as appendixes to inventories of the record groups. Very short series and series of lesser importance are deemed sufficiently accounted for in the inventory itself.

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A Document Management System helps companies resolve almost all challenges related to paper-based documents. Our experts evaluate your needs to plan and execute a customized records management solution. We ensure that trustworthy records are readily available to the WBG and to the global community to foster knowledge sharing, transparency, and accountability, and reflect history to enable the effective delivery of development solutions.

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Efficient document management and archival policies ensure availability of this documentation. Access provides transformative services, expertise, and technologies to make organizations more efficient and more compliant. We help companies manage and activate their critical business information through integrated information management services across the information lifecycle. Security Archives has been providing commercial offsite storage services for over 30 years. We currently provide storage services for law firms, accounting firms, medical facilities, insurance companies, and through one of our larger clients, we provide storage for over 250 municipal fire departments.

  • Some record groups are so large and complicated that they contain thousands of series in many subgroups.
  • We comply strictly with legal data protection regulations and your confidentiality needs during every step of the process.
  • One checks the arrangement of the file units placed in the box and writes down the necessary data, usually the beginning and ending file numbers, for the label.
  • We thought it better to divide the records of such large «agencies» as departments into a number of separate record groups, usually reflecting the bureaus within departments and of «convenient size» for administration.
  • In the event that water reaches your archive, data and documents can be irretrievably lost.


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