How To Rebuild A healthy Life After Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, remind them that life after treatment can be precious. Drug abuse programs give addicts a second chance in life. Seek help today and contact our administration specialist to start the journey towards recovery.

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Helping you stay on track with your goals and recovery. Rebuilding your life after addiction doesn’t happen overnight, but by being patient and setting your intention, you can improve your chances of maintaining sobriety. When rebuilding life after rehab, it’s easy to be overly optimistic at first and assume that the process will be smooth and free from obstacles. It can be tough going through rehab and adjusting yourself to a new sober life. Try to reconnect with your friends and family and find activities that will help you be productive.

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Thus, you need to know that you have the ability to succeed in achieving the goals of rebuilding confidence and developing higher self-esteem. Setting goals and then achieving them can be a great way to give yourself a sense of purpose.

  • Planning your meals will help to structure your week.
  • Also, let yourself feel proud of the amazing accomplishments you’ve made in your recovery.
  • Rebuilding our lives after addiction is a process that takes time and patience.
  • On top of that, slowly achieving your goals can improve your overall life.
  • The lies and deception during your addiction came from within you so you need to start there.
  • This moving process and rebuilding a new life in a new place can keep you busy and focused.

Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare can help get you back on track and guide you in continuing your path to sobriety. And with unexpected things in life like a global pandemic can disturb even the strongest of sober minds. This is why it is crucial to have a solid team to help you through the rehab journey. Life after rehab will be tough enough adjusting to life and finding time to discuss in detail what is expected of you. But now that friends and family have given you the ground rules, moving forward, now you’ll have to follow through on it.

Remove Toxic People From Your Life

After addiction treatment ends, many people benefit from ongoing therapy. Your therapist can help you navigate recovery-related challenges, such as drug cravings, poor self-esteem, and financial difficulties.

  • I would pick something to focus on each day or week and not worry about the other things.
  • A person in active addiction will do things that cross their own moral boundaries.
  • Exercise can make a huge difference in improving your energy levels.
  • Pursue an education or a job – Those in recovery often find the most purpose in landing a job or continuing their education after rehab.
  • Reinventing yourself as a recovering addict often means finding the confidence to be yourself.

Urgent tasks can be defined by tasks that have an immediate expectation or deadline. An important task may be defined as something requiring attention within a reasonable time frame but may not be expected right away.

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Career counselors work with clients to narrow down what kind of job they want. Jobs with a lot of exposure to alcohol and stress, notably in the service industry, are unlikely to meet the criteria. Certain jobs can legally disqualify employees rebuilding your life after addiction who have a background in an abuse scandal or felony convictions and this need also to be factored into job searches. Career advisors’ help is invaluable because they can advise someone throughout most tougher aspects of a jobs search journey.

What addiction has the highest relapse rate?

Research shows that alcohol and opioids have the highest rates of relapse, with some studies indicating a relapse rate for alcohol as high as 80 percent during the first year after treatment. Similarly, some studies suggest a relapse rate for opioids as high as 80 to 95 percent during the first year after treatment.

While writing down things that you like about yourself might just seem like a way to boost your own ego, doing so can change the overall way in which you view yourself. Writing down things that you like about yourself can also help you achieve the goal of rebuilding confidence. Instead of continuing to dwell on your past mistakes, it’s best to simply forgive yourself. Once you do that, you can focus on learning from your mistakes so that you can avoid committing them again in the future. However, a healthy diet and exercise are recommended for everyone, regardless of physical ability.

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Get started by speaking with one of our compassionate treatment specialists. Whatever your sleep schedule was in the substance-abusing era, it probably wasn’t very conducive to providing good mental and physical health. Staying up all night and sleeping all day, along with broken sleep throughout the night, did not help your health or mood. Going multiple days without sleep and then crashing are only a few basic models of sleep schedules that qualify as rest for a substance abuser. Like most people who’ve spent years abusing substances, you likely didn’t have the best diet throughout that period. Your body’s condition is influenced by what you eat, and it may now be showing signs of malnutrition caused by long term neglect.

rebuilding your life after addiction

It can cause damage to the brain and other major organs of the body. Exercise can make a huge difference in improving your energy levels. You can take your life up to one notch by taking up a walk to the gym – swimming or exercising. You can also join a sports club or go hiking regularly.

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